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About Me

It took years to find my passion. 

I found it in a little dog...

Her name is Keeyla.

Once Keeyla became a part of our lives I could not imagine life without her.  And as I ventured into conformation showing, agility, and obedience...I wanted to share my experiences with everyone. I wanted everyone to have what I had.  Breeding this breed brings me so much joy.  People often ask me when they come to pick up their puppy, how do I give them up? They comment that this must be the hardest part of breeding. But actually, pick up day is one of the BEST parts.  After often months of communication with the puppy buyer, and weeks of caring for these pups, I get to see the results of my labour of love.  I get to place a puppy into the hands of an approved family where I know the puppy is going to be well cared for and where the puppy will bring the same joy my Keeyla, Trigger, Izzy, Velvet & Dante have brought me.

While I strive to produce the best looking, healthiest, best temperament dogs I can that meet the breed standard as closely as possible, my goal has been and always will be to produce great companions for people.

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CKC member since 2011 and in good standing.

Founding MASCAN breeder member.

MASCAN President from club beginning November 2014 to January 2023 (with an approx 2 year leave of absence in 2018 to 2019 to care for my mother)

Member of MASCUSA.

Trained in Pet First Aid

Early Childhood Education Diploma

Canine Communication Certification

Self Employed Investment Properties Entrepreneur and Successful Manufacturing Business owner since 2000.

I am incredibly lucky to have had success in my non-dog business's that I am able to breed dogs as a hobby without sacrificing the quality of care my dogs receive due to lack of funds that breeding dogs sometimes results in for some breeders.  While I have a business mind, I have a healthy budget when it comes to giving my dogs and puppies the best quality care possible.

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