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CKC Grand Champion & 

UKC Champion

Follow Me Red Velvet CGN



July 2018 CKC Top Owner Handled in Breed in Canada

October 2018 CKC Most Best Of Breed Wins in Canada

July 2018 CKC #2 MAS Breed Points in Ontario

Sire:  UKC CH Keecams Sexy And I Know it

Dam:  Follow Me A Moment At Twilight 

Pra clear

HC clear

CEA clear

DM clear

MDR1 carrier

NAD Carrier

Eyes:  Clear

Heart: Clear

Hips:  Preliminaries OFA rated GOOD.

Velvet is an active and lovable girl.  She loves people and other dogs and is super smart.  She loves to be in your lap, or at your feet.  She is super fast and loves to run around outside.  She is also a good jumper so must have at least a 5ft fence.  Whatever you're doing, she wants to do.  

Love her, and would love to produce a handful more like her. 


Follow Me Red Velvet (CKC Pointed)

Velvet is 1.5 years old and is a vital part of my breeding program.  She is also a loved family member here. But 

I am looking for a Partner Family home otherwise known as a Co-own home for her.

A Partner home would be an owner or family where Velvet could live and grow old with.    

A co-own contract would need to be signed and details of that contract is available to those seriously interested in Velvet.

An ideal home would be a place where she had room to run, a fenced back yard would be a must and a doggie door would be an asset as Velvet loves to be outside.  Her co-owner would not work all day, but instead work part time, or be retired or semi retired or work from home.  An ideal co-owner would keep Velvet in good shape and not let her get overweight.  An awesome co-owner would continue to keep her socialized with people and other dogs.  Velvet loves to play, go for walks and loves the company of another dog.  She does need some leash training as she tends to pull but we are working on this regularly.  Velvet is friendly and social with just about everyone she meets.  She can be hesitant and a bit bitchy at first meeting with new dogs, but if other dog is friendly she soon begins to play. She is not an alpha dog and will willing take second place to an alpha dog. Velvet is about 25 lbs and 15.5" tall and is up to date on vaccinations. She is also microchipped.

I will continue to show Velvet next season, so I would want her close to Peteborough or Kingston or somewhere near either.  In the co-own agreement, Velvet will come back to me to whelp and raise puppies.

Amount of litters to be determined. Between 1 and 4.

Please inquire to

There is a fee for her.  Please keep in mind that choosing her co-own will be difficult for me as I'm pretty smitten with her.  :) Velvet is fully house/potty trained and has several obedience commands, like "stand", "wait", "kennel" and "gentle" She is currently learning others. (Note:  She has slimmed down since the pictures below.)

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