Interested in an older dog?  Want to skip the puppy training, and move on to more exciting stuff?  Would you mind being without your dog for a short time while she raises a litter of puppies?  I am looking for a guardian home (co own home) for Velvet.  Velvet is an important part of my breeding program.  She has the genes, the health, the temperament and the size that I want to continue producing so other families can have the opportunity to own dogs such as her.  

About Velvet:  Velvet is super affectionate, almost to the point of annoying at times!  She has a kind heart, gets along with other dogs, and knows no stranger.   She is putty in your arms, and enjoys being on your lap and giving kisses...lots of kisses.

Velvet enjoys the company of another dog.  Velvet NEEDS the company of another dog due to being a bit on the needy side.  

She does not enjoy fetch by herself, as she would prefer to chase the other dog playing fetch, or she will catch the ball...but will drop it and let the other dog bring it back.  Velvet is very agile and clever.  She can squeeze through the smallest breaches in a fence.  She can jump over a 3 foot fence with ease, and I believe a 4 foot fence she would attempt.  Velvet is clean in the house...but will explore the bathroom garbage if left accessible.  Velvet will be up to date on her vaccinations prior to leaving here.  Velvet also has acheived her Canine Good Neighbour Certificate and her Grand Champion title from CKC and Champion  title from UKC for conformation. 

Note:  Potential homes MUST have at least one other dog in the home OR have regular access to other dog companions.

About being a co owner (guardian home):  Velvet would be your pet, in every way, except she would come back to me to whelp and raise her litters (about 6-7 weeks).  This is why a home less than 2 hrs away is preferred, so you can come visit her as often as you like.  For more information, please email me.  

Special note:  I love Velvet and its going to take a very special person to come along to allow me to let her go.  She`s very special to me, so don`t be too disappointed if you inquire and I turn you down.  There is someone out there I`ll say yes to.  Maybe its you.

Ontario, Canada