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Tail or Docked

Contrary to belief, most Miniature American Shepherds and Miniature sized Aussies are not born with a natural bobtail.  While some breeders maintain a bloodline with an occurrance of natural bobs, most breeders in Canada experience close to zero bob tails in their lines due to past breeders breeding away from this trait.

Tail or no tail....has been a strong controversy among many breeders.  Some are very pro docked tail, others are very pro natural long tail, some, due to the location in which they live, have no choice. And then some, don`t have a preference either way.

Some pro dock breeders may tell you that a breeder who leaves on tails is just out for money.  They may try to convince you that pleasing the puppy purchaser means that a breeder couldn`t possibly care about producing the best, healthiest and sound pups they can.  This is untrue.

I am one of those breeders that will occasional leave tails naturally long.  The main reason I got into breeding this breed was so that I could share this breed with others.  I felt so strongly about these dogs, that I thought that everyone should have one!  I wanted others to have the joy that I have owning this breed.  If leaving some tails on here and there makes people happier, then that is something I can easily do without sacrificing quality, health or temperament.  To do this can sometimes be difficult because I won`t let people choose their puppy on tail alone. Therefore, I prefer to leave entire litters with tails, or to dock entire litters.  On occasion, I will dock a few in a litter if I feel that I might want to keep one for myself as I do lean toward the docked look.  But I have kept back for my program several dogs with a tail. 

Unlike some breeders, I won`t make you pay in full for a puppy with a tail.  I don`t understand why that is necessary.  Perhaps they feel they can`t sell a puppy with tail.  I think that is crazy.  I believe in choosing a few puppies you might like, then waiting for temperament to emerge so we can better select together what puppy is right for you.  Tail or no tail....the choice is yours and ours. 

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