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Planned Litters

Below are PLANS for litters.  Not all litters may happen due to scheduling, missed heats. mating that didn't result in a pregnancy, change in plans, etc.,  I will update on a regular basis.  I may also add or remove planned litters, so keep checking back for the latest updates.

Puppy Plans

2024 litter plans may change or be postponed. Not all plans may happen.

Maisie & Budma

Maisie has been bred for an early September litter ready to go home early November..  I was very happy with Maisie's last litter with Jack, this year I've decided to pair her with my own boy, Budma.  This will be his first litter and I"m so excited to see what he produces.  Budma is a sweet small, correct boy. He might even come out and do conformation, but for now he takes his job seriously as being a devoted famiy companion and enjoying the remote lake life. He is pretty chill, and paired with Maisies energy, should balance well. I expect small to medium (in size) dogs from this pairing.  ALL colours expected!  This will be a line breeding back to Dante and should set type and keep the size down. I love Budma's head, eatset, coat, chest, angles and temperament.  I love Maisie's rear, chest, coat, topline, and energy. So excited for this pairing. Maisie is expected to come into heat in June, whelp in August and puppies ready for new homes in October. Lots of room still on this waiting list!

Maisie June 18 2023a_edited.jpg


CKC CH Follow Me Amazing Maisie Jane

Maisie (Milah x Dante)


Follow Me Fly By Night

Budma (Eddie x Emma)

Expecting to breed Bits sometime in the FALL of 2024, planing to use Eddie. This will be a nice litter for smaller dogs, conformation and performance potentials. Planning on using Eddie.  With Eddie it will be a slight line breeding back to Rival, which should keep size down, and be a more consistent litter.

Bits stacked - hair edited on topline (1).png


Bits x Eddie

CKC GCH Keecams Itty Bitty Bits

Bits (Titan x Bryn)

CKC GCHB Follow Me Must Have Been Love HIC

Eddie (Dante x Velvet)

Possible first litter of 2025.  Twix is just like a puppy and I can hardly beleive that she will be almost three years old in August.  She will be bred some time aruond then for her first litter!  She is such an affectionate and fun little girl.  Very smart.  I may breed her to Atlas, or I may choose a different male depending on health testing and availability of another male I am considering.

Twix BOS.jpg


Twix & Atlas?

CKC CH Follow Me A Break In The Norm

Twix(Dante x Maggie)

CKC pointed Follow Me Cloud Atlas

Atlas (Trip x Poppy)

This will be Gracies first litter.  Daughter of Nyah(bred by me) and Merlin. Gracie goes back to Keeyla and I always get excited to see if some form of her will show back up in her decendants.Hhealth clearances came back all clear/good/normal for Gracie I'll breed Gracie to Budma if I get enough for her waitlist.  It will be first litter for Gracie.

Gracie and Budma
314650911_1798857220479267_3719091327848650911_n (1).jpg


Keecam Royal Wind Chime @ Follow Me

Gracie (Merlin x Nyah)


Follow Me Fly By Night

Budmo(Eddie x Emma)

Cricket had a big litter last time, so I have to carefully plan when the best time is to breed her.  She kept the size down of her puppies and several of her pups have gone to performance homes, so if you're looking for your next small performance prospect, this will be a litter to watch.  Still need to decide on which boy will best complement her. 

Cricket & ?
Cricket 2 point major june 2022_edited_edited.jpg


Lisa T Hartjes - logotype - black.jpg

CH Follow Me Keecam Wish Upon A Star

Cricket (Dante x Gia)

This will be Eden's first litter.  Eden is the daughter of Canada's number one male of 2022 GCHB Follow Me Must Have Been Love HIC "Eddie" and Trick Dog Champion, Legacy Ridge Dare To Follow Me TDCH. This will likely be a late 2024 litter ready to go home early in 2025.  I"ve decided to pair Eden with Prismo.  Prismo is one of the nicest puppies I've produced and so glad I have the chance to use him in my program.

Eden & Prismo
Eden in the garden_edited.jpg


Follow Me Paradise Found

Eden (Eddie x Emma)


Follow Me Prismo

Prismo (Maisie x Jack)

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