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Planned Litters

Below are PLANS for litters.  Not all litters may happen due to scheduling, missed heats. mating that didn't result in a pregnancy, change in plans, etc.,  I will update on a regular basis.  I may also add or remove planned litters, so keep checking back for the latest updates.

2023 Puppy Plans

Velvet is confirmed pregnant!! I am so happy to announce her breeding to a very special boy.  Last year Gus was bred to Milah and unfortunately we lost the entire litter due to a bacterial infection.  I am beyond thrilled at being given the rare chance to use this boy again. Gus has an amazing temperament and this pairing is a breeding of my dreams.  Gus is from Arkley's, owned by Rebecca Dayboll. Puppies due February 11th. 2023. I will be looking for a co own family for a puppy from this litter.

VELVET AUG 2019 (2).jpg

CKC GCH Follow Me Red Velvet CGN

Velvet (Rival x Mya)



Blue Elks Only In Your Dreams UR01


UPDATE:  We don't think Cricket is pregnant, will confirm by xrya Feb 8th.  Stay tuned....Cricket is a friendly, good with kids, small dog.  She is currently doing agility with her co owner.  Cricket is a nice balanced structure with a good length of neck. She is an absolutely beautiful dog with a shorter Ranch Style coat.  I've had a change in plans and going to use my Eddie for this litter to produce ALL REDS.  Cricket was a little further along with her heat than I thought so is now bred, and hopefully expecting puppies January 17th.  Ready for homes later part of April 2023. This is a line breeding that goes back to Dante on both sides of the pedigree. So if you love Dante, you should love these puppies!

Cricket 2 point major june 2022_edited_edited.jpg



CKC CH Follow Me Keecam
Wish Upon A Star

Cricket (Dante x Gia)

Multiple Group Placing
BRONZE Grand Champion
Follow Me Must Have Been Love HIC

Eddie (Dante x Velvet)

Chloe has been bred to Dante!  Expected date of arrival March 21st, ready to go home mid May. I will update once she is bred.  Chloe has a more laid back personality. Friendly and forgiving. Tolerates her younger female dog companion well who likes to lay on top of her. Chloe would make a great therapy dog. I've decided to breed her to Dante instead of Eddie.  These two temperament combined is what I am striving for and so excited to see what we get. These pups will make great family pets. All colours expected.



FollowMe To Rainbows End


CKC Multiple Group Placing GCHB
NW Aloha Montana Sky

Chloe (Poppy x Rooney)


Maggie will hopefully be bred once she comes into heat, which could be any time now.  Some girls just have a schedule all their own! All colours and all sizes expected.  Should be a few show prospects in this litter. Maggie's litter will be raised in Minden with her co owner.


Follow Me Maggie Mae

Maggie (Crosby x Nuqa)



CKC Multiple Group Placing GCHB Follow Me Must Have Been Love HIC

Eddie (Dante x Velvet)

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