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Planned Litters

Below are PLANS for litters.  Not all litters may happen due to scheduling, missed heats. mating that didn't result in a pregnancy, change in plans, etc.,  I will update on a regular basis.  I may also add or remove planned litters, so keep checking back for the latest updates.

2024 Puppy Plans

2024 litter plans may change or be postponed. Not all plans may happen.

Eva has been bred to Riddick. Waiting list is full, but after the litter is born I will have a better idea if I can accept any more on her list.  Eva is a high spirited very active and athletic girl.  She loves her human kids as if they were litter mates.  She isn't fond of men though and she can sometimes be a bit reactive on walks, but this girl is a loyal family companion who is loved.  Eva has beautiful structure, good length of neck, tight feet, level topline and good front and balanced movement.  Riddick has beautiful structure, sleek coat and a pretty chill temperament. Should be a good match. Should be mid to top size Minis in this litter.

Eva & Riddick

Follow Me Blue Velvet

Eva (Velvet x Tripp)



AKC CH CKC GCH Bold Legends Chronicles of Riddick


Meiko & Stuart

Meiko and Stuart have tied the knot! This means puppies expected to arrive May 27th, 2024, ready to go home approximately July 22. Dates are approximate.  Stuart who is like a male Velvet clone only in black. He is a happy, friendly boy full of life.  Meiko is a beautiful friendly girl who loves the outdoors. I don't know if Meiko is red factored so unsure if we will get reds. We may however get bi's (only two colours.) Her waiting list is starting to grow, don't miss out!


Follow Me I'll Be There For You

Meiko (Nuqa x Waylon)



Follow Me N Frontrunner Mix It Up

Stuart (Tripp x Velvet)

Maisie & ?

Maisie had a spectacular litter last year, maybe I'll do a repeat....still deciding who to chose. 

Maisie June 18 2023a_edited.jpg


Lisa T Hartjes - logotype - gold.jpg

CKC CH Follow Me Amazing Maisie Jane

Maisie (Milah x Dante)

Expecting to breed Bits sometime in the FALL of 2024, planing to use Eddie. This will be a nice litter for smaller dogs, conformation and performance potentials. Planning on using Eddie.  With Eddie it will be a slight line breeding, which should keep size down, and be a more consistent litter.

Bits stacked - hair edited on topline (1).png



GCH Keecams Itty Bitty Bits

Bits (Titan x Bryn)

GCHB Follow Me Must Have Been Love HIC

Eddie (Dante x Velvet)

Twix is just like a puppy and I can hardly beleive that she will be almost three years old in August.  She will be bred some time aruond then for her first litter!  She is such an affectionate and fun little girl.  Very smart.  I may breed her to Atlas, or I may choose a different male depending on health testing and availability of another male I am considering.

Twix BOS.jpg



CH Follow Me A Break In The Norm

Twix(Dante x Maggie)

CKC pointed Follow Me Cloud Atlas

Atlas (Trip x Poppy)

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