Planned Litters

Below are PLANS for litters.  Not all litters may happen due to scheduling, missed heats. mating that didn't result in a pregnancy, change in plans, etc.,  I will update on a regular basis.  I may also add or remove planned litters, so keep checking back for the latest updates.

2022 Puppy Plans

Korra has been bred.  Due August 27th.  I am super excited to have paired her with Ptar, an amazing athlete and just an amazing temperament dog! Thank you to Lorri and Angela for this opportunity. These pups should be ready for anything, whether it is for performance sports or the show ring, or just an adventure companion. Korra will likely have a small litter.  If you are interested in a puppy from this pair, I do have room on her list.



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Korra (Velvet x Dante)


UKC CH Wigglebutt Ptarmigan CGC TKN


Chloe was bred to Eddie earlier this year, but it didn't take, so will try again for a FALL litter.  Chloe's puppies may be partially raised at her co owners home. I'll be looking for a co own home for one of these puppies. I am taking deposits for this litter. Chloe has a more laid back personality. Friendly and forgiving. Tolerates her younger female dog companion well who likes to lay on top of her. Chloe would make a great therapy dog. These two temperament combined is what I am striving for and so excited to see what we get.


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Chloe (Poppy x Rooney)


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Eddie (Dante x Velvet)

Depending on inquiries, I do have other breedings I had planned, but cancelled or postponed to next heat cycle.  
Harper, Velvet and Maisie were all postponed.
Rose, Cricket and Maggie may also get postponed if the interest is not there.  If you are interested in a puppy from one of these girls, let me know.

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