Planned Litters

Scroll below to see what couples are expected to have puppies this year and when.

Below are plans for litters.  Not all litters will happen due to schedules and missed heats, etc., these are just plans. 

Once a female has been bred, I will update.

Winter 2020 Puppy Plans

I am so happy to announce that I will be breeding Follow Me Sunshine In My Pocket to Frontrunners Pryme Say It Like It Is. Trip has an awesome temperament and such gorgeous looks to complete the package. Poppy is an active fun loving girl.  I`m expecting all colors from this pairing. Just came into heat, so will be breeding soon.  Upon successful breeding, expecting puppies hopefully around Dec 2, ready to go home first week in February. Dates are approximate.

Follow Me Sunshine In My Pocket



Pryme Say It Like It Is


Harper and Bambam are planned to be bred in approximately October, pending health testing results.   Ready to go home around February. Note: Harper is late on her not sure when to expect her to cycle.  Hoping soon!

Follow Me Harper




Follow Me Size Matters Not


I am looking for an outside male for Velvet, possibly one from the USA.  If borders are not open by the time she comes into heat I may use Bambam or another male to be determined.  Velvet is skipping her Fall heat cycle and will be bred in February 2021 for Spring arrival litter, ready to go home early summer. Two blue merle females, one red female and one blue merle male already on hold for this litter.

GCH Follow Me Red Velvet CGN




Follow Me Size Matters Not


I am so happy to announce that Arrow is coming back out of retirement to sire another litter.  This is an opportunity I never thought I`d have and I`m so thankful to his co owners for keeping this little guy intact!  Arrow is the grandfather of my CKC GRAND CHAMPION RED VELVET, and the grandfather of Penny and Skyler.  This pairing with Callie will be an outcrossing that I hope to bring down the size while maintaining that gorgeous head of Arrows.  Callie brings good temperament, nice long necks and beautiful coats to the table.

Arrow is not red factored so this will be an all blue merle and black tri litter.  I`m hoping for a blue merle girl and a black tri male for myself, (will be looking for a co owner)  Callie should be ready to be bred early in the new year. 2021.

Follow Me Your Royal Highness




I loved the black tri's Luna gave me last time...but I'd like to try again for a blue merle.  So I'm going to repeat this breeding with Dante.

Follow Me Into The Luna Light




CH Nw Aloha Montana Sky


Possible Spring litter Plans(sires may change):

Zoey x (I`ll be looking East for a stud for this litter)


Honey will have a litter in 2021.  I have not yet chosen her mate.

Follow Me Milk N Honey



mas sillohette.jpg

Nuqa will have her last litter in 2021. Probably a summertime litter.

Keecam FW Polare IceWind @ Follow Me S.P.O.T.


mas sillohette.jpg


Ontario, Canada