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Planned Litters

Below are PLANS for litters.  Not all litters may happen due to scheduling, missed heats. mating that didn't result in a pregnancy, change in plans, etc.,  I will update on a regular basis.  I may also add or remove planned litters, so keep checking back for the latest updates.

Last litter for 2023 

Cricket has been bred.  We have bred her to the outstanding Canada's 2021 Number 1 MAS, Puppies expected last week of September, ready for homes last week of November/first week of December 2023. This litter will be FULL PANEL clear by parentage.  Both dogs have been tested with full panel of tests and both came back clear for everything we test for! 

Cricket is social, friendly with all dogs and people.  She is a small girl. We will get only Blue merles and black tris though from this pairing. I'll only be keeping one puppy for myself, the rest will go to pet homes. Tails may be left on this litter.
I do have several available spots on this list. Please email inquiries.

Cricket 2 point major june 2022_edited_edited.jpg

CH Follow Me Keecam Wish Upon A Star

Cricket (Gia x Dante)



MBPIS GCHB Hybris Pride N Prejudice @ Keecam


2024 Puppy Plans

2024 litter plans may change or be postponed. Not all plans may happen.

Meiko will be bred on her next heat cycle for her first litter. Still deciding if I'll use Stuart, Atlas or some other boy.  Will update soon...


Follow Me I'll Be There For You

Meiko (Nuqa x Waylon)



Follow Me N Frontrunner Mix It Up

Stuart (Tripp x Velvet)

Nyah will have her last litter later this year  (Approx. December litter and ready to go home in February 2024) and then retire to her co own home for the rest of her days.  I am planning on breeding Nyah to our beautiful fun little man Atlas. Another home grown litter from Follow Me. Several spots open on this waiting list as I just announced it!! Another fantastic temperament litter.  I am super happy with where my breeding program is going. Both dogs are red factored so all colours expected.


Keecam Follow Me On Silver Wings

Nyah (Nuqa x Crosby)



Follow Me Cloud Atlas

Atlas (Trip x Poppy)

Eva will hopefully have her first litter in 2024. Have not decided on a stud yet.



mas sillohette_edited_edited.jpg

Follow Me Blue Velvet

Eva (Velvet x Tripp)

Expecting to breed Bits sometime in the FALL of 2024, planing to use Eddie. This will be a nice litter for smaller dogs, conformation and performance potentials.

Bits stacked - hair edited on topline (1).png



GCH Keecams Itty Bitty Bits

Bits (Titan x Bryn)

GCHB Follow Me Must Have Been Love HIC

Eddie (Dante x Velvet)

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