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Bella & George puppies

Eddie is a future stud dog.  I am now looking for a co own home for him.  This home MUST be located between Western Ottawa, Belleville, Kingston areas and maximun 2 hours North of Kingston. Basically a radius of 2hrs around Arden, Ontario.  This co own home will be responsible for continuing my show training (which is not hard, basically learning to stand still and walk nice on a leash).  You do not need show experience, just a little dog training knowledge.  A home outside this area may be considered if person is experienced in conformation show handling. Serious inquiries only.  He is NOT available as pet only. Eddie is up to date on his vaccinations and was born May 2, 2020 This is a picture of him at 8 weeks old.  More up to date pictures are on my Facebook Group Follow Me Canine Companions.  Eddie is about 90% potty trained and has started his crate training.

Meet Cricket...she is a nine week old red tri girl.  I would like to find a co own home for her where they will continue my show training.  She will come back to me for a few litters.  She is very affectionate with moderate energy level. She will likely stay on the smaller end of the mini scale.  I would love a home for her in a house, not an apartment.  She is NOT available as pet only. Serious inquiries only.

My waiting list is now full for a puppy in 2020.  I also have 2021 Spring litters waiting list is FULL.  As the new year approaches I may open up the list for applications, but at this time I am no longer accepting applications for the waiting list.  There is however a possibility that a puppy may BECOME available in the event I do not choose one for my own program, in those cases, I will look to my current deposit holders first, then post the puppy as available when the time comes, so please watch this page frequently.

Want a puppy sooner?  Want the pick of the litter? Want to be a part of a program that helps provide families with a happy healthy pet companion?
What is a Guardian home or Co-own home or Partner family....?

A male puppy would be your dog. I would simply "borrow" him for a few hours, perhaps a few days to do stud service.  A co own agreement usually last about 4 to 5 years. 
A female puppy would be your pet, your companion, forever.  She would live with you and be your dog.  When she was old enough, and after she cleared all her health testing, she may be bred.  She would continue to live with your during her pregnancy.  But she would deliver and raise her puppies with me, under my experienced care.  Once her puppies were weaned, she would come back to you.  
My puppies are raised by moms that live as pets in homes loved by their owners, they don`t live in cages, crates or cramped kennels just waiting to be bred.  Without co own homes I could not, would not be able to raise wonderful, beautiful healthy dogs for families.  On occasion, if the co owner is able, works from home or is semi retired, I may allow and assist the co owner to do part of the puppy raising. many long is she away from there a discount for a second I need to do anything special having a breeding dog...etc.  

I can answer all these questions and more. Also, I can give you references of current and past co owners.

The advantage to co, free health testing, you get the pick of the litter, you skip the long waiting list, you pay less than half the price for the best puppy of the litter, you also get bragging rights if I decide to show your dog.

If you are interested in become a Partner home (co own home), and would like more information, please email me at followmemas@gmail. com or find me on Facebook as Lisa Thompson Hartjes.  You can also join my Facebook Group Follow Me Canine Companions. Keep in mind I prefer my co own homes to be no further than 2 hrs away.  I am moving to Arden in about 2 to 3 years so keep that in mind. I would welcome a partner family in the Kingston Frontenac area.

Bella gave birth to six puppies on Saturday, July 18th, 2020.  At least 5 of the 6 puppies born to George and Bella are on hold for deposit holders.  ONE may be available depending the outcome of his hearing and vision testing. Details to come once puppies are closer to 6 weeks old.

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Milah has been bred to Dante for an all RED litter.  Puppies due August 8th and ready to go home first week in October. I have a few breeders interested in this pairing. I already have a few pet buyers on the waiting list for this litter if any are left available after breeder picks.

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If my waiting list is too long, or I don't have what you are looking for, please consider taking a look at what these breeders have available.  

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