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Velvet, Peggy, Honey and Vader 2017

Now accepting applications for black tri and black bi puppies.  sorry no merles available at this time.
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The waiting list...

I often get asked how long my waiting list is and how does it work?

Well, its quite complicated, and though there may be over 20 people on my list...not all are getting puppies from the next litter and not all those people are pet buyers, some are breeders, some are potential co owners for pups that I will keep in my breeding program.  Some have been on my list for over a year waiting for just the right puppy for them, others never go on the list but inquire to a puppy I have just made available, and get to take home right away.  How is it possible that there could be a puppy suddenly available now, if there is a waiting list that has over 20 people on it?  This is why...
When I have a litter, one or sometimes two of those puppies will be placed in co own homes and eventually be a part of my breeding program.  I don't know which puppies those will be until they are closer to 8 weeks old!  So therefore, almost all puppies in a litter are on hold for my program until I deem them pet quality, or I've not selected them to be part of the selection I"m looking at. Perhaps I am only considering keeping a female, and in that case I would make all the males available to deposit holders.  Also...I
have a few breeders on my list, and some will want a certain gender or color, but they will want a show/breed quality puppy which will require waiting until about 7.5 weeks old when we do our official evaluations.  So...at that time...some of the puppies will not make the cut and I will then go to the next person on my deposit holders list, as long as they are a match for temperament and preferences and make the puppy available to them.  If no one on my list matches temperament or preferences...the puppy goes up as available.  So while my list may be long, it is not impossible to get a puppy from the next litter.  I can tell you, that merles are more sought after then tri colored so often tri coloured are available more often than merles, or at least quicker than merles.  So if you get on the waiting list for a tri, you'll likely get one sooner than someone on the list for a merle.

Want to be a part of a program that helps provide families with a happy healthy pet companion?
What is a Guardian home or Co-own home or Partner family....?

A male puppy would be your dog. I would simply "borrow" him for a few hours, perhaps a few days to do stud service.  A co own agreement usually last about 4 to 5 years. 
A female puppy would be your pet, your companion, forever.  She would live with you and be your dog.  When she was old enough, and after she cleared all her health testing, she may be bred.  She would continue to live with your during her pregnancy.  But she would deliver and raise her puppies with me, under my experienced care.  Once her puppies were weaned, she would come back to you.  
My puppies are raised by moms that live as pets in homes loved by their owners, they don`t live in cages, crates or cramped kennels just waiting to be bred.  Without co own homes I could not, would not be able to raise wonderful, beautiful healthy dogs for families.  On occasion, if the co owner is able, works from home or is semi retired, I may allow and assist the co owner to do part of the puppy raising.  

FAQ....how many litters...how long is she away from home...is there a discount for a second puppy...do I need to do anything special having a breeding dog...etc.  

I can answer all these questions and more. Also, I can give you references of current and past co owners.

The advantage to co owning...is, free health testing, you get the pick of the litter, you skip the long waiting list, you may pay less than half the price for the best puppy of the litter, or you may get incentives for puppies or stud services. You also get bragging rights if I decide to show your dog.

If you are interested in become a Partner home (co own home), and would like more information, please email me at followmemas@gmail. com or find me on Facebook as Lisa Thompson Hartjes.  You can also join my Facebook Group Follow Me Canine Companions. Keep in mind I prefer my co own homes to be no further than 2 hrs away.  I am moving to Arden in about 2 to 3 years so keep that in mind. I would welcome a partner family in the Kingston Frontenac area.

If my waiting list is too long, or I don't have what you are looking for, please consider taking a look at what these breeders have available.  

Just 4 Paws Miniature American Shepherds



Nuqa and Waylon had 8 puppies.  I have a couple of black tri males available.  

UKC Champion Keecam FW Polar Ice Wind @ Follow Me





Harper and Leo gave us 8 puppies.  They are ALL black tri`s and Black Bi`s  No merles.  I have three black Bi males available.

Follow Me Pennys Harper




Follow Me Wild Thing