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A message about puppy scammers. In the event I ship a puppy, it will be AFTER I receive and approve a completed puppy application, several emails of communication, and likely a phone call or two.  I WILL NOT simply accept an e-transfer and then ship a puppy.  Puppy scammers are using legit breeders websites, pictures of puppies, breeder names, contact info and even email address`s to advertise and sell puppies. They get you to send them money with a promise you`ll get a puppy, but the puppy never comes...and then you chase down the breeder you think you bought a puppy from to find out that the breeder pages, pictures and info have been stolen.  Please understand this is how they scam you.  If you are offered a puppy so easily as to just pay and get one shipped to you, you`re going to be out of a lot of money and no puppy.  Please take the time to get to know your breeder, have several conversations, join Facebook groups, chat with other puppy buyers that have obtained their puppy from the same breeder.  Don`t be scammed.  And...please...if you see pictures of my dogs/pups anywhere else being advertised other than on my website or Facebook page, contact me, it could be a scammer stealing my information. 

Thank you.

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