My Stud dogs....

All my stud dogs individually live with their human family and live the life as a companion dog and family pet.  I don`t have a kennel full of dogs waiting to be used.  These are loved family members who visit me on occasion to provide stud service.  All my boys love to visit me! 


CKC Champion

NW Aloha Montana Sky

AKC & CKC Miniature American Shepherd

CKC Champion and AKC Pointed
Sire:  NW Aloha Bugatti Of Moonshine
Dam:    Pleasant Woods Hint Of Sage
Height:              15.75"
OFA(Hips):        Prelims rated GOOD

OFA Elbows:     Normal

CERF(eyes):      Clear

FULL PANEL CLEAR PawPrint Genetics

Clear for ALL of the following:



Please welcome my new stud male, Dante, formally known as Monty (or Montana). Dante is bred by Ginny Verville in Oregon of NW Aloha Miniature American Shepherds.  Thank you Ginny for allowing me to obtain this gorgeous boy for my breeding program.  

Pedigree in Gallery


Minimal Merle, great blocky head.

Follow Me Night N Day

NSDR  Miniature Australian Shepherd

Height:              16"
Red Factored:  Yes
PRA-PRCD:      N/P Healthy carrier
HC:                   N/N Clear by parentage
MDR1:              N/N Clear "A" GenSol
EYES:               Cleared Normal/Normal
HIPS:                OFA Certified "GOOD"
DM:                   N/N Clear "A" GenSol

Standing  for stud service to approved females.

Rooney is a vocal lover, expressing his love and affection sometimes through barking.  He is a wiggle butt and has a loving personality. Gets along well with other dogs and cats. Rooney contributes good looks, nice heads as well as good temperament to his offspring.

Rooney lives in Uxbridge.

Pedigree in Gallery


Follow Me Happy Heart

AKC & CKC Miniature American Shepherd

(Also NSDR registered Mini Australian Shepherd)

Height:              16.5"
PRA-PRCD:     N/N Clear by Gensol testing.
HC:                   N/N Clear by parentage
MDR1:              N/N Clear by parentage

EYES CAER:    Clear (see note below)

CEA:                 N/N Clear  DCM Veterinary testing.
HIPS:                OFA at 23 months prelimed "GOOD"
DM:                   N/N Clear by parentage

Asher lives in Ottawa, ON. (Pedigree in Gallery)

Asher's physical Eye Exam (CAER) showed a form of CEA (Choroidal hypoplasia) which surprised me since he had already been cleared by DNA testing.  After further research I confirmed that his physical eye exam result can be "reversed" by a DNA test which confirms he is clear of all detectable forms of CEA.  Please see where is says the following....

"The DNA test can also be used to verify or reverse a diagnosis made via a standard eye examination.  Veterinary ophthalmologists are highly trained specialists, but any physical exam is by nature subjective.  Errors and misjudgments will occur, though the incidence is low."

"Misdiagnosis of CEA disease is possible.  If you have reason to doubt a CEA diagnosis, have the DNA test done to verify."


Follow Me Tick Tock Tonic

AKC & CKC Miniature American Shepherd


Height:          17"

PRA-PRCD:    Clear as per parentage
HC:                   N/N Clear as per parentage
MDR1:              N/N as per parentage
HIPS:                Normal as per Practitioner

DM:                  Clear as per parentage 

CEA:                 "A" CLEAR as per Gensol testing.

CERF:              Normal (Opthalmologist 2018)

Red Factored:  Yes

Tonic lives in Barrie.

Pedigree in Gallery Below


Follow Me Mighty King

NSDR  Miniature Australian Shepherd

AKC Miniature American Shepherd

Height:              14.5"
Red Factored:  Not likely
PRA-PRCD:      N/N Clear
HC:                   N/N Clear by parentage
MDR1:              N/N Clear "A" GenSol
EYES:               Cleared Normal/Normal
HIPS:                OFA Certified "GOOD"
DM:                   N/N Clear "A" GenSol

Standing  for stud service to approved females.

George is a highly athetic and agile dog with loads of energy and character. George keeps size down but adds a lot of energy, speed and agility to his offspring.  Georges's puppies make good performance sport prospects.

George lives in Peterborough.


Follow Me To The Islands

Height:          18.25"

PRA-PRCD:   Healthy Carrier
HC:                  Clear per parentage
MDR1:             Clear per parentage

HIPS:              OFA Prelims rated GOOD

DM:                 Clear as per parentage         

CERF:             Normal exam 2018

Red Factored:  YES

Kona has a great temperament, great with kids.  

Pedigree in Gallery below.

Ontario, Canada